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"Dr. Rooney and his staff were phenomenal for my son's first dental appointment! Very nice and accommodating. My son (who is three) was skeptical at first and Dr. Rooney was very patient and made my son feel at ease almost immediately. Would highly recommend this place to my friends and family!!"

"You all are wonderful and make the experience so great for the kids and parents! Thank you!"

"Dr Rooney and his staff are absolutely amazing! From the second my four-year-old walked through the door to the moment she walked out, Dr. Rooney made it his number one priority to gain her trust and make this a memorable and enjoyable experience for her. She was extremely nervous leading up to the appointment and when we left she asked if we could go back tomorrow! For anyone looking for a pediatric dentist, especially those with children who may be reluctant, make your appointment today! Thank you Dr. Rooney and Hunterdon Pediatric Dentistry for being so passionate about our childrens’ dental health!"

From the patient:
"I love this place! My mommy took me here and I got to choose my flavor toothpaste, watch tv while having my teeth got cleaned and I got a token to put in the prize machine when I was finished. They have books and legos and iPads. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go back."
From Mom:
"My experience here was excellent! The staff and Dr Rooney were so kind and professional. They took great care of my children’s dental needs. I’ve been looking for a great dentist for my children and I am so happy I’ve found Hunterdon Pediatric Dentistry."

"Dr. Rooney and his staff were excellent with my two-and-a-half-year-old son. This was his first visit to the dentist and I actually couldn’t get him to leave!!! Everyone was very polite, accommodating and full of smiles which is important with kids. I have no doubt he will have a great experience every time we go! I would and will recommend Hunterdon Pediatric Dentistry to everyone I know with children."

"My four-year-old had a great first experience with Hunterdon Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Rooney and staff were patient, kind, and considerate. They took time to explain her situation and what to focus on while brushing. The office is clean and decorated nicely for kids. I am so happy we found this office for our family."

“Dr. Rooney was the third dentist we saw for our daughter and we can’t say enough great things about him. We had previously had a few really bad experiences, and her case is pretty complex. Dr. Rooney has always been professional, kind, and wonderful with our little girl. He takes the time to make sure we understand what his recommendations are, why he’s making them, and answers any questions we have. More importantly, he puts our daughter at ease. She’s had some pretty major work done in his chair, and she still loves going to the dentist!”

“Our daughter, Cadie, had an infected tooth and was in a lot of pain. A friend referred us to Dr. Rooney, and the doctor got us in for emergency treatment! He was professional, compassionate, and clearly very knowledgeable about what was going on with her teeth. His care of our daughter throughout the entire process helped her to relax (and put me at ease too!), made the procedure relatively painless, and resulted in her being able to get on with the healing process — without making her afraid of going to the dentist, and that is always a good thing!”

“My son fell and knocked out one of his front teeth. Dr. Rooney was able to see him immediately. He was very professional and had excellent ‘bedside manners’ as well. He was able to quickly calm down my son (and wife). He assured us that everything was going to be fine and that this does happen more frequently then one would think. He told us what we needed to do, what we should expect and what to do going forward. I’ve already told all my friends about our experience and highly recommend them going to see Dr. Rooney for their children. 

“From the start, Dr. Rooney was a source of calm for our daughter, who was apprehensive because her teeth were hurting. We noticed some staining on her molars. When Dr. Rooney informed us that her molars were so rotted that several needed to be extracted, we were devastated. We had been good brushers and even had a clean report from a different dentist in six months prior. We were shocked that so much needed to be done.

“Dr. Rooney put us at ease with a calm and optimistic treatment plan. While this wasn't routine, it was clear that he had been down this path before. Despite needing general anesthesia and despite the prospect of losing three big teeth in one day, our daughter never came undone. She was anxious and scared, of course, but always saw Dr. Rooney as the guy who was going to fix it. And fix it he did. The surgery was done quickly and she was back in school the next day. He had taken a mold of my daughter’s mouth and hand-made a bridge to help maintain the shape of her jaw to help aid the incoming molars. He even had the anesthesia performed in the familiar office instead of a big, scary hospital. He had a very calming presence balanced with clear communication and professionalism with both my kids and with us. He was sensitive to the cost and insurance aspect of the treatment too, helping us to consolidate as much as we safely could in as few visits as possible.

“Overall, I would recommend Dr. Rooney without qualification or hesitation. The only reason we are not still his patients is that we moved away. We found a new dentist where we now live who gave both of my kids a great report. We are so thankful for Dr. Rooney’s expert care when our little girl really needed it. You will be hard pressed to find such a caring, thorough, and gentle pediatric dentist.”

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