What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an exciting and unique dental experience for children and their parents while improving the oral health of all families in and around Flemington. We will provide the highest quality of oral health care for infants, children, and teens, including any that have special healthcare needs.

We will educate our patients in order to PREVENT disease. We will be patient and compassionate during the treatment of disease. We will strive to create and maintain effective and open lines of communication between the patient and the doctor.

We will ensure that the office is a safe and welcoming environment. We will not discriminate and we will not judge. We will be honest. We will treat you like family.

At Hunterdon Pediatric Dentistry, our priority is the overall general health and well-being of our patients.

  • We embrace progress in the field of dentistry and implement advanced technology whenever available. We utilize visible light technology to detect tooth decay, offer salivary diagnostics, and provide low-radiation digital X-rays.
  • In addition to general pediatric dentistry, Dr. Rooney and Dr. Hemantharaju also treats oral/digital habits such as finger and thumb sucking, as well as performing Phase-One orthodontic treatment for growth modification and development.
  • For our patients’ convenience, they can schedule their appointments online, access their electronic health record from their patient portal, and even make payments through the Internet.
  • For patient comfort, Dr. Rooney and Dr. Hemantharaju offer nitrous oxide for mild sedation, moderate sedation in the office, and general anesthesia at Hunterdon Medical Center Hospital.
  • Dr. Rooney and Dr. Hemantharaju are known for their patience and enjoy working with special needs children; they can provide them with the gentleness and quality of care they deserve.
  • We welcome parents into our clinical area and encourage them to be key players in the treatment process.
  • Since children are our patients, we talk directly with them to ensure they are highly involved in their treatment and treatment decisions.
  • Dr. Rooney and Dr. Hemantharaju value aesthetics and ensure that their work is as beautiful as it is functional. They guarantee all dental work for two years or it will be repaired or replaced for free.
  • We have created efficient systems in our office to ensure more personalized time with our patients. Our patients will not feel marginalized and will never be treated like a number.
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